All the presentation sessions and Dr Richard Ryder’s keynote speech were filmed at the conference on 10 March 2012 and are made available here in HD. Please share and link to these videos and feel free to embed them on your own websites.

Keynote address: Dr Richard Ryder

Dr Richard Ryder discusses the history of the animal rights movement, his involvement in political campaigns for animals and his ideas about campaigning strategy, and answers audience questions.

Animals in the Public Arena

This session was chaired by Mark Gold.


This session was chaired by Dr Nigel Pleasants. Please note that problems with the sound on this video are confined to the first minute.

Textual Animals

This session was chaired by Louise Squire.

Please note that a new version will be uploaded shortly with a louder volume.

Theoretical Perspectives

This session was chaired by Tereza Vandrovcová.

Animals, Symbolism and Visual Culture

This session was chaired by Dr Sam Hurn.

Speciesism, Environmentalism and Capitalism

  • Christian StacheThe failures of metaphysical anti-speciesism and the benefits of historical materialistic Marxism for a social theory of animal liberation
    (abstract and speaker biography) Video no longer available
  • 0.01 Daniel van StrienCapitalism, Marxism and the animal-industrial complex
    (abstract and speaker biography)
  • 17:00 Oscar HortaDisregarding sentient beings: speciesism and environmentalism
    (abstract and speaker biography)

This session was chaired by Nathan Stephens-Griffin.