Call for papers

Please note – The call for papers is now *closed*. Thank you to all who have submitted abstracts – we have received submissions from 8 different countries on a huge variety of topics. All candidates have been informed whether their paper has been accepted. The conference programme will follow in late January.

Postgraduate Conference: “Critical Perspectives on Animals in Society”

Our CFP is available as pdf file for download and distribution.

We welcome contributions in the form of 20-minute presentations from postgraduate students (MA, MSc, MPhil, PhD etc.), including those who have recently submitted their thesis. We are especially interested in philosophical, sociological, political, psychological, zoological, legal, historical, religious, cultural and artistic perspectives on animals in society. Non-traditional, visual and performative methods of presentation are also welcomed.

This interdisciplinary conference is an opportunity for postgrads to network and present their research to other academics as well as interested members of the community and activists.

Please submit a short abstract (250-300 words) and a few sentences about yourself to (remove -NOSPAM-) by 2nd January 2012. We will inform you by e-mail by 9th January 2012 if your paper has been accepted.

Delegates are encouraged to apply for one of our travel bursaries. Please here for more information.

See below for a list of potential topics:

  • animals in culture
  • animal ethics
  • animal rights
  • animal welfare
  • animal rights activism
  • animal-assisted therapy
  • animal consciousness
  • animal cruelty and human violence
  • animals in the entertainment industries
  • animals and colonialism
  • anthrozoology
  • art and animals
  • biotechnology
  • bloodsports
  • climate change and animal industries
  • companion animals
  • critical animal studies
  • cultural rights
  • domestication
  • ecocriticism
  • ecofeminism
  • endangered species
  • environmental ethics
  • ethology
  • humane education
  • intersectionality
  • factory farming
  • fishing
  • law and animals
  • participatory research methodologies
  • political perspectives on human-animal relations
  • post-humanism
  • queer theory
  • racism and animal rights
  • religion and human-animal relations
  • representations of animals in literature
  • sentience and animal protection
  • scholarship and advocacy
  • speciesism
  • urban wildlife
  • vegetarianism and veganism
  • vivisection
  • war and animals
  • wildlife
  • zoos